Hey everybody!

My name is Hannes and this is Sound Fashion, my new electronic music blog! I have had the idea of writing a blog for quite a while now and I am super-happy I finally made it to get this thing started.

In this introduction post I want to give you a short overview about who I am, why I started this project and what this blog will be about.

My name is Hannes, I am 18 years old and I live near Frankfurt on the Main, Germany. I am a student and still finishing my A levels. I love travelling and bicycling but obviously my biggest hobby is music. I grew up with classical music and discovered electronic music around 2010 when I heard an artist playing with Ableton Live at an event. I have been deeply influenced by the era of Swedish House Mafia. Artists like deadmau5, Eric Prydz, Fedde Le Grand and Avicii also had a huge impact on my personal musical development and made me a passionate fan. I am interested in the entire mainstream and underground dance scene, including almost all genres and different sounds.

I am very fascinated by the whole dance movement and I am sure this fascination does not stop. I realised very early that dance music means more to me than it does to others and I realised I am very sensitive when it comes to new sounds. I also started to analyse new trends, often connected to questions like “Why do people like this or that sound right now?” or “Why did artists / event organizers / labels / etc… take this or that step?”. I want to share my thoughts and analysis on topics like these. I call this blog an ‘alternative electronic music blog’ because I do not want it to be a normal news blog. There are many other news sites which are doing an amazing job. My goal is to give long-term assessments and I will be very happy if I get in touch with other music lovers. Different opinions and impressions are always welcome, let’s discuss and share experiences! 😊

Our scene is full of surprises, phenomena and it develops all the time, that is what makes it so exciting.

Thank you so much for being interested in this project, I am already working on first real posts. Stay tuned… 😉

Have a nice weekend and lots of love,


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